Wrapped Up Wrestling

Jeremy and Marcus decide to settle a little disagreement with a friendly wrestle. However, Jeremy doesn’t realize the ropes around the ring are enchanted, and when Marcus tosses him into them, he gets wrapped up with no way to escape. Marcus is happy to settle their debate with him completely tied up and vulnerable.

Fight over 40 high-res images of wrestling mayhem turned into a bondage thrill ride.

Featured Models

“I consent to taking part in this scene!”

Safeword: Pine Tree

“I consent to taking part in this scene!”

Safeword: Penalty Kick
40 images

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All models are performing this scene in a virtual 3D environment meant purely for entertainment. The models consent to taking part in these productions as fantasies, and are not meant to reflect real life. All models are over 18.

No real people are present in these scenes, only digital artwork.

Always Consent! Stay Safe!

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