Follow the adventures of the Edge City Heroes. These erotic shorts tell the ongoing stories of a Edge City’s sexy superheroes, from Power Play, the strongest hero in the world who just wants to be dominated, to Doppelganger, who transforms into the fantasy of whoever aroused him.

Edge City is filled with many heroes eager to strip down their spandex for you, with many more adventures to come!

Gymnast #1: Tentacle Acrobatics
Gymnast #2: Tentacle Training
Gymnast #3: Virtual Tentacles
Gymnast #4: Tentacle Capture
Gymnast #5: Tentacle Temptation
Gymnast #6: Tentacle Escape
Gymnast #7: Tentacle Takeover
Gymnast #8: Planet Tentacle

Power Play

Power Play #1: Alley Way Reward
Power Play #2: Rooftop Rumble
Power Play #3: Roles Reversed
Power Play #4: Final Submission
Power Play #5: Medical Exam
Power Play #6: Drained Dry
Power Play #7: Obedient Captive
Power Play #8: Doomed Domination

Moral Code

Moral Code #1: Threeway in the Shower
Moral Code #2: Hero Seeking Soldier
Moral Code #3: Time Travel Seduction
Moral Code #4: Backdoor Time Travel


Metalsmith #1: Experiments on the Bodyguard
Metalsmith #2: Electric Touch
Metalsmith #3: Robot Skin
Metalsmith #4: Electronic Betrayal


Doppelganger #1: Four Arm Fantasy
Doppelganger #2: The Monster Within
Doppelganger #3: Barbarian Conquest
Doppelganger #4: Magic on the Third Date
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