Meet Ms. Angel Food

Ms. Angel Food began her dimension hopping Drag Queen career dancing with tentacle monsters and lip-synching with carnivorous plants. Through her travels, she’s collected a menagerie fetishes and fantasies, and brings these suites of pleasure to treat horniness and arousal wherever it may be.

However, a rough landing stranded her between the fracture of our world and those beyond. Until she finds a way home, Ms. Angel Food has made it her mission to bring joy to the people of Earth through their libidos.

Ms. Angel Food has recruited a team of gorgeous male models to perform in elaborate erotic set pieces, fulfilling all types of exotic fantasies. These models are eager to be tied up, titillated, and tortured all for your entertainment.

Here you’ll find art, comics, and books featuring muscular men, superheroes, and other creatures twisted in sexual ecstasy.

Explore. Enjoy. Ejaculate.

And come again!

What is Edge City?

Edge City is a place discovered by Ms. Angel Food during her travels, and one of the few dimensions she can still enter.

In Edge City, superheroes abound. They fight crime, save the world, and get hard while doing it. From skin tight spandex to dominating bondage sessions, these superheroes get pleasure from their everyday heroics.

Learn more about the Heroes of Edge City. Then read their stories of Serialized Superhero Smut!

Moral Code #2: Hero Seeking Soldier
Metalsmith #2: Electric Touch
Doppelganger #4: Magic on the Third Date
Power Play #2: Rooftop Rumble
MAF Headshot 01

Eat Cake!

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