No one can get physically aroused.

No erections. No orgasms. No stimulation.
No matter how much they want it.

Get back our ability to get off!

The Book

Spotlight sleeps with a new guy every night, recognized more for appearing in corporate infomercials than being a superhero. After a sudden blackout, he and the rest of the world are unable to get physically aroused. Desperate to get back to normal, Spotlight meets a prudish scientist, Gavin, hoping to find a cure.

After the superteam, the Crusaders, are put out of commission, Spotlight and Gavin are the planet’s last hope. They have to put aside their dislike for each other to save the world. Yet the more time they spend together, the more they discover how much they need each other.

Ms. Angel Food’s first novel length book features a thrilling enemies-to-lovers romance, high heat and spicy scenes, plus tentacles, spandex, and happy endings (both kinds!).

If you purchased The Coming End novel only, you can use the code at the end of the book for a discount of other The Coming End adventures. Input the code at checkout for your exclusive discount!

A Gay Superhero Erotic Visual Novel

The Game: Fresh Force Frustration

Empath joins Fresh Force, a team of sidekicks hoping to become full superheroes one day. A sudden blackout (same one!) leaves him, his teammates, and the rest of the world unable to get physically aroused. 

A tentacle creature attack their headquarters, leaving the Fresh Force trapped and desperate to find the traitor who let the attack succeed. Empath needs to learn about his teammates, and figure out who to trust and who to arouse!

Play through the Coming End, and get back your ability to get off!

Features more than 12 endings, 6 potential mates, and many explicit scenes (you’ll have to play to find out how!). Unlock more than 70 achievements and 400 CG images.

Demo and pre-orders coming soon!

The Comic Prequel

Spotlight struggled to get taken seriously as a superhero. One epic night, Spotlight deals with two different enemies who manage to get him flat on his back.

To kick off the night, Baron Beast opens portals across Edge City, releasing monsters of all kinds. While the Crusaders handle the beasts and the Baron, Spotlight deals with crowd control. His attempt to save someone gets him caught in the maw of a hungry creature – one that’s interested in more than one of Spotlight’s holes. 

But Spotlight’s night isn’t done. While monsters attack the city, a bank robbery is in progress, but there aren’t any heroes left to stop it. Spotlight stumbles upon a new super villain ready to take on Edge City: Psycock and his Techno Balls.

Enjoy two comics, filled with tentacles, bondage, monsters, hypnosis, and more! Includes more than 400 images.

The Behind the Scenes

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Coming End.

See more than 100 images in this book from the sets of Fresh Force Frustrations Visual Novel and Spotlight Adventure Comics. See unused artwork from the game and comics, plus concept art, interviews with the cast, and go inside Ms. Angel Food’s muscle-bound writing room where she wrote The Coming End story.

Find out how this erotic adventure was put together with a voyeuristic peek. Exclusive NSFW images included!

Suggested Reading Before

Anyone can enjoy the book or game
without reading any previous Edge City Heroes books.

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