Moral Code #1: Threeway in the Shower

Moral Code comes from a different time. An accident transported him to the future where he must learn new rules. He’s lived according to what he thought was right, until he finds two sidekicks having fun in the shower.

They invite him to join in.

He’s never been with a man before, let alone two, but these superheroes-in-training promise to show him how it’s done.

Includes DRM-free ebook of Moral Code #1 (ePub and mobi files)

2 High-Res SFW and NSFW covers

Image series based on the cover, filled with blow jobs, muscles, and cum (10 high-res, non-watermarked JPEGs)

Featured Models

“I consent to taking part in this scene!”

Safeword: Ferrari

“I consent to taking part in this scene!”

Safeword: Jet Engine

“I consent to taking part in this scene!”

Safeword: Barbell
12 images

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All models are performing this scene in a virtual 3D environment meant purely for entertainment. The models consent to taking part in these productions as fantasies, and are not meant to reflect real life. All models are over 18.

No real people are present in these scenes, only digital artwork.

Always Consent! Stay Safe!

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